Kiosk POS System


We developed our Slowey Kiosk technology in conjunction with Tossed, one of our customers with a chain of 26 restaurants based around London.

The solution can be stand alone or can work seamlessly with the normal Slowey EPoS set-up. With a customer facing self-service kiosk you can speed up service, reduce costs and maximise revenues during busy periods.  Working on an Android platform and using any size Android tablets the kiosk solution offers a slick, innovative and cutting edge hospitality solution.

Kiosk POS System

The customer interface can be customized to your business so you can dictate the look and feel and the customer journey, and using our experience we can offer advice and structure to the designs.  We have developed the kiosk on both a 10” tablet and an 18.4” tablet in portrait mode in our most recent projects.

A key feature of this solution is the ability to provide the guest with full nutritional values of for the food they are buying, enabling them to search and filter by allergy or food type, and build up a nutritional basket for them to review.

Other features include:

  • Customisable user interface
  • Integrated, standalone contactless chip & pin
  • Ability to filter menu options by food types (i.e. allergy content)
  • Display nutritional data clearly to the customer and enable them in real time to build up a nutritional picture of their order/basket
  • Customer Login option to retrieve order history
  • Print order point and customer order details for collection
  • Option to email receipt to customer
  • Upsell opportunities throughout order process and checkout
  • Discount code functionality & Manager override with QR code log in feature

When the customer checks out their basket using the integrated chip and pin terminal they receive a printout with their order detail ready for collection.  The order gets sent to the relevant prep areas for production.

Offering a kiosk solution also offers further benefits in reduced cash handling and staffing costs manning tills during peak periods.

The next development phase of the Slowey Kiosk will also include collection point screen integration for displaying order name/number. Future enhancements will also include interval ordering integration for theatres & venues, and seat/table assignment for casual dining restaurants, widening the appeal of the product beyond the QSR sector.

For further information and to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can do for your business please email us or contact us on +353 1 2811960

Our System Tools

Whether your Kiosk POS System operation is a 50 cover café, or a 50 site group, we have the products and the skills to ensure you get both the system you require and the support you need. Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from using Slowey EPoS.