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La Favorita Delivered (LFD)

Inspired by Italian traditions, LFD’s mission is to make award-winning pizzas and pasta and deliver them, hot and on time. La Favorita Delivered has locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and has plans to open delivery units throughout the UK.

Challenges: Delivering high quality food, on time, fresh and hot

The founders at La Favorita Delivered are passionate about the quality of their food and they want their customers to enjoy their home delivered meals, hot and fresh, enjoying the same level of dining experience they would have if they were in a restaurant.

This presents a number of challenges including:

  • Providing customers with an integrated web-based online ordering solution that promotes the best elements of the food and at the same time integrates with the restaurant’s existing EPoS and stock systems
  • Managing and prioritising orders at peak times
  • Ensuring that delivery drivers are used most efficiently, so the food arrives on-time and hot
  • Keeping the costs of delivery down so that precious margins are not compromised
  • Delivering an exceptional service so that customers keep coming back for more!

“The solution has been a key part of the growth of our business, our costs are much lower and we expect our revenues to increase by over 30% in the next twelve months.”

Kenny Scott, Founder La Favorita Delivered

Solution: A customised online ordering and Driver Management solution from Slowey EPoS

The founders of the business researched the market and eventually partnered with Slowey EPOS to develop a truly integrated online ordering and driver management solution that would provide all the features required to make the business successful, including:

Dispatch management system that maximises efficiency at peak times

Kenny explains why this is important to the business, “At peak times orders come flooding in from all directions, and at times it can be quite chaotic. The key to making this work is to ensure that we can schedule and prioritise which orders go to the kitchen and which ones we hold back. We want to group orders from similar locations, so we can maximise the efficiency of our delivery drivers. The last thing we want is drivers making the same journey two or three times when they could have made just one.”

Another feature of the dispatch management solution is that it automatically texts the customer an order confirmation and texts them again once the order has been dispatched.

Integration with sat nav and driver tracking

LFD also wanted the navigation to be a complete “no-brainer” for their drivers. To make this happen Slowey integrated their Driver Management system into the NavMan GPS navigation system.

All the information the driver needs to know to deliver the order is automatically loaded into the satnav, including address, directions, and priorities. LFD can also track each driver, so they know exactly where they are at any time.

Results – A significant increase in revenue, reduced costs and a more efficient business operation

A summary of the benefits that Slowey has provided to La Favorita Delivered:

  • An anticipated increase in revenues of 30%
  • Higher business volumes using an integrated Online Ordering and Driver Management dispatch solution
  • Reduced overheads for deliveries as journeys are consolidated and drivers spend less time finding addresses
  • More efficient driver management as dispatch manager know exactly the location of each driver
  • Vastly improved customer service – with regular text updates, new offerings and faster delivery times
  • More efficient business processes – Slowey integrates with their Xero accounts systems
  • Ability to integrate ‘cashless’ facility using Slowey’s kiosk technology.

EPoS tools used by La Favorita Delivered (LFD)


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