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Pizza Union

Quick Service Restaurant chooses Slowey for speedy delivery and on-line ordering

Pizza Union based in Spitalfields London is a superfast Italian pizza outlet serving delicious fast food for take-away or eat-in. Serving the local community, city workers, students and tourists alike, this quick service restaurant prides itself on its ‘artizan pizza’ and excellent customer service and speedy delivery.

Why EPoS?

To support its growing business, Pizza Union required a robust EPoS solution that could process high volume food orders under pressure, queue bust and provide a speedy food delivery at the point of sale. The restaurant also wanted accurate financial reporting so that they could more accurately plan their business using detailed information of staff costs, sales figures and expenditure costs.

Solution – Slowey, a complete solution that met all their needs

After reviewing the marketplace for a suitable solution Bobby Hashemi of Pizza Union decided upon Slowey EPoS.

The installation went smoothly and staff found the EPoS system very easy to use from outset. ‘Ours is a fast paced high volume turnover business so following the install we pretty much had to hit the ground running’. Said Bobby Hashemi of Pizza Union. ‘Slowey is very quick and reliable and we have been really delighted with how it performs under pressure”.

“It’s a seriously good hospitality product.  It’s reliable, flexible, and speedy, and it can handle and condense high volumes of business transactions. It has great functionality including some excellent features such as, kitchen screens, online ordering, stock control and management reporting.”

Bobby Hashemi, Pizza Union

Results – An EPoS solution ‘that performs under pressure’

According to Bobby Hashemi, the Slowey solution has revolutionised the way they now manage their business. A key benefit of the system is the kitchen screens, as this helps the chef to prepare the food order quickly and accurately.  As soon as the customer places their order, it is logged on the kitchen screen and the chef has complete clarity of order, which minimises errors.  The system allows Pizza Union to pull down detailed reports on hourly, daily and weekly sales figures. This enables the restaurant manager to monitor sales periods and plan ahead accordingly or make adjustments as required.  Pizza Union also uses Slowey for online ordering, which has reduced staff time on the phone, as customers can now order their food via the web in advance and even book a specific collection time to fit around their schedule.

Stock control has also been a revelation, according to Bobby, as they can use the Stock module for the entire delivery process from raising orders for ingredients, to building recipes for each product. The Stock system also allows them to understand actual margins and has significantly reduced wastage and costs.

The key benefits that Slowey delivered

•             Improved reporting enabled more ‘profitable’ business planning

•             Online Ordering reduced valuable staff time and increased overall business

•             Reduced staff training with fast and easy to use EPoS solution

•             Kitchen Screens speeded up food delivery and improved customer service

•             The ability to identify ‘actual’ margins on all food and beverage items

•             Reduced stock wastage


“The solution from Slowey has been a revolution. We like Slowey EPoS because it has tools such as, Head Office, a cloud based management solution, kitchen screens, and stock control, all of which are perfect for our busy quick service restaurant. Furthermore, Slowey’s support team are excellent, and we would definitely recommended this product”

EPoS tools used by Pizza Union


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