Slowey EPoS is fast, very fast.  A sale can be completed in two button presses, and a swipe of a fingerprint. Combine this with automated promos, and biometric staff log on and we can deliver impressive results;  happy customers, happy staff, and increased revenues.

Our first-hand experience in this sector means that Slowey EPoS delivers the following features and benefits:

  • Fast transaction processing and queue busting
  • Biometric fingerprint readers for staff log on
  • Staff scheduling & time keeping
  • Real time stock management  –  from suppliers to cocktail make-up
  • Automated promotions (timed promos & complex offers )
  • Single or multi-site customer loyalty and marketing module
  • Full cash management and audit reporting
  • SMS/Email marketing with Facebook & Twitter integration
  • Cloakroom ticketing & ID scanning

Combining speed and security with the ability to communicate with and offer promotions to your customers via SMS, Facebook & Twitter enables nightclubs to increase footfall and maximise spend per head.

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