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People have different ideas of what stock/inventory control is. Some choose to go it alone and use their experience and “good judgement” to count and predict stock levels, whereas some make use of technology such as Slowey EPoS Stock. Either way, stock/inventory control is important for any business because what you sell, buy, and waste has a big impact on your bottom line.

POS system for inventory management

By using Slowey EPoS Stock you can minimise over and under ordering, track your profit margins, and reduce the amount of time required in maintaining your stock levels by using the order generator facilities and extensive reporting.

Our solution also offers all the tools to manage ingredients, recipes, suppliers and products centrally, in real time and for multiple sites when Slowey EPoS Stock is used in conjunction with our Head Office product.  Together they provide a very powerful tool for multi-site operators to run an effective stock/inventory solution across the estate.

Key Features of Slowey EPoS Stock:

  • Real time stock information, first in first out
  • Dashboard style launch screen
  • Recipe & cost management for both Wet & Dry such as cocktails and complete dishes
  • Automated re-ordering and Purchase order creation, email orders to suppliers, suggested ordering
  • Stock Take Variance reporting
  • Inter branch transfers
  • Wastage recording, line checking & Inter branch transfers
  • Integration with Slowey Head Office for web based management
  • Full dedicated stock reporting suite

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POS system for inventory management
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POS system for stock management
POS system for stock system
POS system for stock control

Our System Tools

Whether your operation is a 50 cover café, or a 50 site group, we have the products and the skills to ensure you get both the system you require and the support you need. Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from using Slowey EPoS.