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POS systems Ireland

POS systems Ireland Slowey Systems is committed to developing, building and supporting, technically advanced, proven, robust EPoS solutions that you can trust.

Our System Tools

  • Enterprise Inventory Control
  • Kiosk
  • Loyalty & Marketing
  • Head Office Management
  • Online Ordering
  • Chip & Pin
  • Kitchen Management
  • Tableside Ordering
  • Apps
  • Driver Management

POS systems Ireland – Slowey Systems have over 90 years of experience in the POS & Cash Register industry. Established by James Slowey in 1926 when he introduced NCR cash registers to Ireland, his grandson Keith Slowey has been running the business since 2006 and continues to bring new innovations to the hospitality industry. Keith founded iHotelligence in 2009 to provide a complete management tool for hotels. iHotelligence is successfully used by hundreds of hotels across the globe.

Our award-winning solutions have been designed to reduce costs, maximize revenue potential, ensure customer loyalty and deliver exceptional customer service.

We understand that the success of your EPoS system is critical not only to your business but also to your reputation as a hospitality operator. We believe that an investment in Slowey is an investment in realizing your business potential.

Whether your operation is a 50-cover café or a 50-site group, we have the products and the skills to ensure you get both the system you require and the support you need. Here are just a few ways your business can benefit from using Slowey EPoS.

Enterprise Inventory Control
What you sell, buy, and waste has a big impact on your bottom line. We operate, real-time, ‘first in first out’ stock control for ‘actual’ GP tracking and reporting, multi-supply unit and price for single ingredients, multi-department management, and cost/revenue allocation.

The fast-casual/QSR sector is a customer-facing kiosk to streamline the order process and ultimately deliver a better experience for the guest. Either stand alone or can work seamlessly with the normal Slowey EPoS set-up.

Loyalty & Marketing
Slowey EPoS Loyalty has been designed to help our clients ensure that their customers return for more! By offering a loyalty system to your customers you are taking advantage of one of the best marketing tools used by the biggest retailers today.

Head Office Management
Slowey EPoS Head Office provides owner managers or corporate head offices with the ability to view, consolidate, and manage each of their sites remotely, either singularly, or as a group – and all in real-time, with no more overnight polling.

Online Ordering
Enables your customers to order and pay via your website for delivery or in-store collection. Coupled with a smartphone app that can be customized to your business, online ordering offers a unique way not only to reduce the pain in processing orders, but greatly increase the customer experience.

Chip & Pin
We supply a fully integrated Chip & Pin solution for use, both on the restaurant floor or at the point of sale in the bar. Features such as bill lodging enable you to reduce errors and speed up the payment process.

Kitchen Management
Slowey Systems Kitchen Manager delivers clear concise instructions to kitchen staff via a simple easy-to-view wall-mounted touch screen that displays multiple orders. The screens can be ceiling or wall mounted via space poles

Tableside Ordering
Our Android Tablet EPoS solution is a cutting-edge and class-leading solution developed for the casual dining restaurant or similar operation to take orders at the tableside. All common EPoS functions are available and offer the benefit of maximizing revenues in pub gardens, queue busting, and table service restaurants

We have developed a number of Apps specifically designed to meet the needs of the hospitality industry. We can also design custom apps for you.

Driver Management
Our order management solution provides you with the tools you need to take orders fast, send to prep, allocate to driver and manage priorities.

Our fast touch-screen EPoS solutions enable you to:

  • Be in control, with sophisticated real time management reporting, remote access, and robust staff management scheduling
  • Retain and attract more customers and build a loyal customer base
  • Increase margins and manage costs with intelligent stock control
  • Introduce new innovations such as online ordering, kitchen screens and smart phone applications.

It is simple to use so staff training is minimal. All of this is underpinned by pioneering and robust technology, that will enable your business to grow at the pace you need to succeed.