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Restaurant POS system

Designed to meet the needs of a busy restaurant, Slowey Systems are the perfect technology partner for all restaurant operators. Regardless of whether you manage a casual or fine dining restaurant or restaurant group we have the tools you need, including:

  • Intuitive and logical end of shift procedures and cash reconciliation with features such as cash declaration and real time weekly cash sheets
  • Enterprise Stock control–  for fresher stock, lower costs
  • Graphical table plans to manage busy operations and track table status
  • Menu Management for  set menus, tasting menus & timed pricing
  • Web based reporting on single or multi-site data with data management features to manage products, staff, & stock
  • Integrated kitchen management screens to improve order management with unique features such as an ‘on order summary’, updating product quantities and tracking food prep times

When combined with our stock control and customer marketing modules, Slowey EPoS provides restaurants the tools needed to maximise revenues and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

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