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Yummy Pub Group

The Yummy Pub Company is a group of public houses that have been refurbished to provide a unique, modern and relaxed boutique experience for visitors. Venues include The Gorringe Park Tooting, The Somers Town Coffee House London, The Grove Ferry Pantry Pub in Kent, and award winning The Wiremill in Surrey. Independent and privately owned, Yummy Pubs currently employs over 60 staff across its business.

What key challenge did the Pub Group face?

The key challenge was how to take financial control of the business when each venue had a different till system that often provided little more information than a basic cash drawer and receipt. Joint owner Tim Foster describes the problem, “We recognised at an early stage when we began refurbishment program that the incumbent old tills that we had inherited were simply not up to the job. They were not networked, error prone, produced no reporting on sales, had no ability to tie in with our stock and in fact they were actually costing us money”.

The solution: An EPoS Solution that ticked all their boxes

The Yummy Pub Group owners decided to make an investment into a modern Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system and after investigating what was available on the market they were recommended a solution from Slowey.

The Results – improved revenue and Gross Profit across the group, tighter control of staff and stock, more ‘loyal’ customers

”Our revenues have increased threefold and we have seen a sharp rise in our gross profit; the EPoS solution from Slowey has been a major contributor to this performance.”

Tim Foster – Yummy Pub Group

The Slowey solution has been installed across the entire group and according to Anthony Pender, another of the group’s joint owners, it has completely transformed the way in which they manage business. These are the benefits they have realised since implementation:

Improved Revenue – Faster service
The introduction of easy to use, touch screen tills and mobile handheld devices has allowed staff to process more orders more quickly.

Loyalty Scheme – maximised covers
The introduction of the Slowey loyalty scheme has allowed the pubs to register its regular visitors and then send them emails of promotions and special offers. As a result peak days such as Mothers Day and Christmas are fully booked.

Staff management – eliminated unauthorised staff breaks
Yummy Pubs found that some staff wasted time at the beginning of each shift – ‘getting ready’, also some of their staff took unauthorised ‘cigarette’ breaks, whilst other non-smokers did not. The EPoS system has allowed the pub group to round up working time to the nearest minute rather than the hour and adjust pay accordingly.

Stock Control – reduced wastage, tightened control
Yummy Pubs use fresh, locally sourced produce and as a large proportion is perishable this facility provides the pub with vital information about its stock and alerts them when particular items need to be re-ordered.

Centralised control and reporting – manage all the pubs from a single location
Slowey’s Head Office allows Yummy Pubs to monitor all of its activities across sites in real time including; void items, refunds, staff, price updates, and gross profit. Prior to using Slowey EPoS the pub group had to wait until the end of each month when the accounts were published. Now it can react quickly to changing demand and maximise its profit earning potential.


Commenting on Slowey Tim Foster, said “We have made massive strides in developing our pub group in the last three years, our revenues have increased threefold and we have seen a sharp rise in our gross profit; the EPoS solution from Slowey has been a major contributor to this performance.”

EPoS tools used by Yummy Pub Group


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