Fazenda builds its business with Slowey EPoS

Fazenda conventionally meaning ‘farm’ or ‘brazillian plantation’ is a traditional Brazilian style chain of restaurants based in the North of England.

With restaurants in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, the chain features continuous table side service offering an array of different delectable cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Its concept also offers a sumptuous buffet of gourmet salads and fresh cut vegetables, and a variety of traditional side dishes to complement the meats.

 “pointOne is the tool that you need to build your business,it gives you complete control over the day to day running of your operation without having to be physically on site, and all the financial information about your business is readily accessible.  We simply could not operate Fazenda without it”.

Tomas Maunier, Sales & Marketing Director at Fazenda

The challenge: “sourcing an EPoS solution that could meet the demands of a business that serves up to 2500 diners at any one time”

Even before opening its doors in Leeds, Fazenda instinctively knew that the one fundamental business tool it would need to service its customers and get its business off the ground was an Electronic Point of Sale solution (EpoS).

Tomas Maunier, Sales & Marketing Director at Fazenda said, “Knowing we needed a premium EPoS system was a ‘no brainer’ as it would enable the restaurant to thrive and account for every requirement from food ordering to financial reporting.  The challenge was sourcing an EPoS solution that could meet the demanding needs of a thriving, growing business.”

The Solution: Slowey EpoS came ‘highly recommended’

Tomas explains the selection process, “After a bit of networking, it didn’t take long to discover that a restaurant based in London, Santa Maria, were using Slowey and they were delighted with the product and the company.  This gave me the confidence to approach Slowey and after an excellent demonstration we decided to install the system”

The installation went well, and Slowey were “very accommodating with regards to our business situation” said Tomas.

Results: Reliability and the comprehensive set of tools provided by Slowey is key for a high volume turnover restaurant

Fazenda with its continuous table side service is a high volume turnover restaurant, and understandably the tills are continually in use and despite these pressures, overall the reliability of the EPoS “has been very good” said Tomas.  Fazenda also has handheld terminals at the Leeds site, but generally the Slowey tills take the strain of their customer orders.

Currently on a weekly basis the Leeds restaurant is serving around 2,500 customers a week and the “EpoS tills are performing really well” said Tomas.   By comparison Fazenda’s sites in Liverpool and Manchester serve around 1,500 to 2,000 diners, according to demand, as business in these restaurants tend to fluctuate, however “without Slowey EPoS it simply would not be possible to turnover this type of business across our sites” said Tomas.

The Benefits that Slowey has delivered to Fazenda include:

  • Integration with Fourth Hospitality provides Staff Management and Control
  • Intelligent Stock Control – “provides our business with crucial financial information on a regular basis”
  • Real Time Business Information is Critical – enables the business to plan for the future
  • Accurate Gauge of Customer Spend
  • Remote access from any location – “freedom to manage the entire business operation”


Tomas Maunier summarises

“Another great benefit of Slowey is that it is a constantly evolving system, and the in-house design team at Slowey are always happy to listen to what we have to say about new developments for the system and are always ‘open to suggestions’ and are prepared to go out of their way to resolve any request that we may have.  I would say that the service from Slowey is excellent”.

EPoS tools used by Fazenda


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