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Over the last ten years Proud Galleries has become one of Europe’s most popular privately funded photographic gallery, bar and restaurant venues. Launched in 1998 by Alex Proud the venue reflects all aspects of popular culture, encompassing rock & roll, fashion, sporting moments and more. Its shows are always exciting, cutting edge and sometimes controversial. Proud operates 3 bars serving up to 2000 customers per night.

The Challenge – slow bar service resulting in reduced revenues

Proud is a truly unique venue situated in the heart of Stables Market just walking distance from Camden Town and Chalk Farm station. The gallery is a 10,000 sq ft restored Horse Hospital and boasts a huge exhibition space with large skylights, exposed rustic brick walls and high beamed ceilings with an outdoor terrace making it perfect for very large events. What was originally a Horse Hospital is now the new fashionable location for parties, book launches, record launches, and fashion shows accompanied by a superb back drop of contemporary photography.

However as with all major venues, increasing footfall and throughput at the bar is critical to the success of the operation. Managing Director Alex Proud explains the problem, “Our unique position in the market makes us number one for photography enthusiasts, collectors, music lovers and newcomers to the field. In order to maintain this position it is paramount that that we look after our clientele and offer them superlative service whilst at the same time ensure that we are maximising our revenues.”

However, as Alex explains this was not happening, “Our incumbent EPoS system was very difficult to use, and hence very inefficient. This created long queues at the bar, and resulted in dissatisfied customers, and a negative impact on our takings. We estimate that we were losing around £10.000 per month due to an inefficient bar service”.

Proud decided it was time to replace their system with one that could not only improve their bar throughput, but also add other business benefits as well. “We wanted a solution that would allow us to better manage our stock, reduce human error on the tills and discourage fraud.” Says Alex, “We wanted tighter controls on the business and more sophisticated reporting and management functionality.”

Solution – ‘Proud’ to use pointOne

After an extensive review of the market, the club installed an EPoS solution from pointOne.  According to Alex Proud the pointOne solution was selected because it was easy to use, the staff liked it and it required very little training. With this solution there would be no excuses, his bar staff could input drinks orders quickly and intuitively without incurring any errors.

Proud also liked its extensive functionality and integration capabilities which enables the management team to more accurately scrutinize sales, monitor trends and calculate overall profitability.

”The pointOne EPoS solution has delivered on all its promises. It is easy to use, yet its functionality is very sophisticated. It has also been extremely reliable.”

Alex Proud – Managing Director, Proud nightcub

Results – Bar revenues have improved by 25%

Alex Proud comments on what the pointOne solution has delivered to Proud Galleries, “The EPoS solution from pointOne has transformed the bar efficiency and customer service at the club. The system is very visual and the staff have found it easy to operate with minimal training. We are able to view business critical information such as, the daily sales figures, staff attendance, and current stock levels.”

He concludes, “The pointOne EPoS solution has delivered on all its promises.  It is easy to use, yet its functionality is very sophisticated. It has also been extremely reliable. The support that pointOne has given has always been proactive, and any problem or concern that I may have has always been resolved quickly. It is the perfect solution for any business looking to increase its bar efficiency and overall profitability”.

Using pointOne EPoS Proud Galleries has realised the following benefits:

  • Increased revenues by 25% by higher throughput of customers at its bars
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Ease of use reduces training and errors
  • Automated & comprehensive customer billing
  • Security and accountability
  • Discourages fraud
  • Improved management reporting
  • Improved stock control

Key business benefits of a pointOne EPoS solution:

  • Easy to use modern tills
  • An automated stock control system
  • Easy to understand management information
  • Ability to add an Integrated database of all members/customers
  • Options for delivering loyalty schemes such as discounts at the bar for members or corporate users
  • Ability to manage and run open bar tabs when hosting guests
  • Ability to ‘customize’ drink and food orders to customers specific requirements
  • Able to audit the activities of each member of staff

EPoS tools used by Proud Galleries


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