Bubble Dogs

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Bubble Dogs

The brainchild of husband and wife team Sandia Chang and James Knappett, who both worked at top restaurants Noma and Per Se before launching Bubbledogs in August 2012, this unique dining experience also hosts, Kitchen Table, a fine dining concept which providing customers with an alternative experience of a tasting-menu format prepared by James Knappet and his team of chefs.

Bubbledogs is a fun Champagne bar in Fitzrovia serving great quality wine with gourmet hotdogs.

What was the challenge?  The business case for EpoS

Sandia Chang, Restaurant Manager of Bubbledogs explained the reasons for adopting pointOne EpoS

“We have a simple restaurant concept and wanted an EPoS solution that wasn’t over-complicated but had everything we needed to manage our business. Price was also very important for us”.

Bubbledogs also wished to update its staff to hourly contracts, to include biometric readers for secure access.

The solution –  Secure EPoS with comprehensive reporting and stock control

According to Sandia pointOne was the only supplier that could give the functionality they needed for an attractive price.”

The reporting, in particular was a real winner. Bubbledogs pull down sales reports to check on the popularity of certain items, so the menu can be reviewed and adjusted. They also regularly pull down a champagne returns report, to see what sells best, so they can re-order.

“The whole management side of the EPoS system from setting up promotions to changing menus and pulling down reports is really easy to use, it’s just like an App, very intuitive, and you just follow the prompts.”

Sandia Chang, Restaurant Manager

Results – Flexible Epos can manage two operations and supports promotions

Alongside Bubbledogs, the couple also operate the Kitchen Table fine dining concept. “It is very easy for us to operate both of these businesses within the one system.” Says Sandia.

Bubbledogs also uses pointOne to run special deals and promotions. Currently they have a Monday special where customers can order a Hot dog, a side and a glass of Champagne  all for £15, by quoting ‘Monday Blues’ on purchase.  This is automatically recognised by the EPoS at the point of sale.

EPoS tools used by Bubble Dogs


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