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Quick Service Restaurant adopts pointOne EPoS to speed up delivery, automate food orders and significantly increase its revenues 

Huckleberry Chicken prides itself on serving healthy freshly cooked food to order ‘on-time’ for delivery or takeaway from its 10 sites located across the London area.

Why pointOne?

Luigi Forgione, owner and founder of Huckleberry Chicken explains why he chose pointOne,

“Huckleberry Chicken operates in the time-sensitive competitive takeaway food sector, where customers demand quick service and a quality product, and we needed a solution that would stand up to the rigours of such an operation, and also had all the features on hand to enable the business to operate at optimum output and deliver a top service that customers expected”.

Remote Access reveals critical business information

One of the instant revelations of using pointOne for Huckleberry Chicken, has been the ability for Luigi Forgione to see in real time, and from any location exactly what the business is selling, which items are popular and how quickly they are selling, even drilling down to information such as, what member of staff is pushing a specific item.

 “Online Ordering is fantastic!”

“This has really boosted orders for the business and also reduced errors in the ordering process,” said Luigi. “When a customer selects their food on-line it’s more likely to be accurate, whereas ordering from a member of staff, items can get left off or be misheard which can upset our customer service”.

“It has helped the business enormously and we have probably increased revenues by around 25%.  In a time sensitive industry, pointOne is the business tool you need, we simply couldn’t operate this type of business without it. You need it 100%, it’s absolutely critical. “ 

Luigi Forgione, Owner Huckleberry Chicken

Kitchen Printers speed up food service

Once the customer has completed their order (whether online or over the phone) confirmation is sent directly to the EPoS system and then pops up on Huckleberry Chicken’s pointOne Kitchen screens giving clear concise instructions to the kitchen staff via a simple easy to use touch screen. The order states customer address details, time of order and exactly what is required, so the chef knows for example, how many pieces of chicken to process.

Driver Management – “it took a little while to set up….but now it’s brilliant”

Luigi explains how this works using pointOne “Once the food order is on our system, and we have all the customer delivery details we allocate the order to the driver, who can then use the post-code look up facility to check address details for the customer.

It has also enabled the business to react to problem orders quickly by having the necessary facts to hand, so they can address any issues the customer may have and rectify accordingly.

“Staff love pointOne, it is so easy to use and it reduces the queues”

A typical site can process around 300 orders a night using pointOne, “We take card payments and as soon as staff take an order they can press EFT on the system, and straight away it gets processed, the EPoS tells the card reader automatically which sum to take thus avoiding any embarrassing payment issues and therefore processes order more quickly”.

Luigi concludes; “The support team have been great too.  The company are very friendly and helpful and I would happily recommend them, and I have done so already”.

EPoS tools used by Huckleberry Chicken


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