Tossed becomes UK’s first ‘cashless‘ restaurant using Slowey’s ‘Kiosk’ technology

Tossed is a quick service restaurant chain that specialises in providing fresh alternative food options that embrace a healthier eating style. The company procures the highest quality products and these are sourced locally and ethically.  Tossed currently has twenty six sites located throughout London.

The Challenge – to shorten queues, reduce costs and enhance customer experience

Tossed prides itself on providing fresh, healthy meals to its health-conscious customers quickly and efficiently. During peak times however, as is typical in any busy quick service restaurant, queues can often dilute the overall dining experience.

Vincent McKevitt, Founder of Tossed said: “Most operators face speed & capacity issues at lunchtime, but ours are intensified because we make our food fresh – to – order and most guests like to customise their food to suit their health and taste requirements.  Having a unique point – of – sale solution allows our team to focus their energy on our speed of production.

Improving the guest experience was the prime motivation, however the business also recognised that by using technology effectively it could also remove cash and paper from all its outlets.  For a rapidly growing operation of 26 restaurants with more to come, the efficiency savings of implementing this new process would also have the potential to vastly improve its bottom line profitability.

“We have been working with Slowey EPoS on this proprietary ‘cashless’ technology.  Together we have produced an exciting new ‘ground-breaking approach to quick service restaurant operations” 

Vincent Mckevitt

The Solution – The development of an ‘unmanned, cashless kiosk’ with Slowey EPoS

Slowey had already worked very closely with Tossed as their EPoS supplier for over 10 years. During this time Slowey had already completed a number of customised developments to support the Tossed business model so it was a natural progression to work with them on developing this new ‘ground-breaking’ technology.

The ‘Kiosk’ – How it works

The Kiosk provides Tossed with the ability to implement a self-service customer ordering and payment solution.  Working on an Android platform, and using 10” tablets mounted in BouncePad holders the Kiosk solution enables customers to simply glide through and browse picture-based menu content and nutritional data, create orders and check-out with integrated contactless card payments in just a few button presses.

Results – A virtually seamless integration into their existing operation with very positive customer feedback

Tossed initially opened two new cash-free stores: Coleman Street and Upper Thames Street in Central London. Both were fitted with self-service kiosks instead of manned tills, and take payment by credit or debit card, contactless and Apple Pay instead of cash.

Vincent Mckevitt concludes; “Guest feedback from the trials has been very positive: people like to be able browse in their own time and customise what they eat, completing a great experience with tasty, bespoke, healthy food, served quickly.”

What are the key benefits?

  • Reduces queues during busy periods
  • Removes cash from the business
  • Provides a unique experience for its diners
  • Supports its ‘green’ credentials with a paperless operation
  • Enhances reputation as a leading innovative hospitality provider

EPoS tools used by Tossed


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